Air Freight

The expanding growth of the international markets under the globalization trend, made air transportation a very solicited way of getting the job done, fast, efficient and cost-effective, thus, gaining over other conventional methods because of its reliable, flexible but time productive characteristics.

Having this growth trend in mind, the international capacity is unable to supply freight needs, as space and availability hits low levels, even if early arrangements are made before peak seasons. But when transporting at set times and larger shipments of goods, we can secure better rates and provide them more often to clients.

Nevertheless, we consider it to be the fastest way of getting your cargo to its destination, and it is best used for time critical deliveries. It is highly promising, as the arrival and departures times are highly reliable, and even when missing a flight, this won’t cause much delay in the supply chain as there are planes leaving every hour.

Here at Global Shipping & Forwarding, we provide only the right solution adapted to every need, weather your shipments fly with commercial planes or even if they require specialist freighter aircraft to get them to their destination.

We are experienced in air transport and we are specialized in bringing to our clients only the best solutions at the right costs in order to meet their necessities and to satisfy their business demands.

Anyone can handle forwarding! Only we can bring quality you can see!