Trucking, Rail and Intermodal

Global Shipping & Forwarding offers domestic and international trucking, rail and intermodal services through dedicated partnership with local, regional and international carriers tailored to meet your freight requirements.

The most used method of transporting goods over short distances in the shipping and logistics industry is trucking. To and from the ports, rail terminals and inland shipping docks, trucking is the go-to transport these days. Although a number of environmental factors, such as the price of fuel and labor, are taking trucking into the next chapter and making intermodal all the more attractive.

Rail service has a poor reputation in terms of tranzit time, in the minds of many potential clients but with the right infrastructure and the right forwarder, this apparently slow and counterproductive method of transportation could be the right answer to several problems for many businesses. Rail is gaining popularity, using less fuel, causing fewer emissions, but mostly being a cheap alternative, this should be the right thing to do in this fast-moving globalized trend

Our company has the means, the experience and the right professionals, in order to assist you all the way in the logistic process. Our specialists will make sure your cargo is delivered on-time, on-cost and on-target, and that is their main focus and goal, to bring quality in the forwarding world.

Anyone can handle forwarding! Only we can bring quality you can see!