Global Shipping & Forwarding it started out as a small company with only a few employees but with a great dream of achieving perfection in all fields of forwarding. What started out as an ambition to offer premium services and excellent logistics solutions, it grew in less than a year of activity to be a threat among its competitors.

The management saw an ongoing need in the current market for premium and quality services but also a opportunity for a fresh and new approach in the transports sector in Romania. The challenge was to bring new ideas and new approach in an old bureaucratic country in order to align Romanian business to this globalized and dynamic world.

We understand and put our customers needs to make money above all. We understand the need to thrive in this changing market and we bring not only quality but also constant solutions from our young and experienced team of specialists.

We are proud to say that we are constantly expanding, to this day and we are adding to our team only the best in the business, skilled professionals that tend to our customer’s every need. In order to be the best, you must choose the best!

Global Shipping & Forwarding

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